The other day one of our strategic partners, Mammoth, came to us and asked for a company logo and brand material. We were excited that one of the companies that we work with so closely, trusted us, The Darkly, to create their brand and brand identity.

But, the question came up, “Are we really recreating their brand?” Sure, we are going to introduce a logo that is stunning. We are going to help create a color pallet that pops and demands attention. We are going to create graphics, business cards, and print material that converts customers. But is that a true rebranding experience?

What Is Rebranding

First off, what is rebranding? The definition of rebranding is changing the corporate image of (a company or organization). Got it. We are good to go, right? Wrong.

A true rebranding is much deeper than your corporate logo, your color pallet, or your graphics. It is a change in the way you do business, the way you communicate with your customers, a change in your company values. We call this your “why”.

Sometimes, a true rebranding is changing your company name, offering different products, or targeting a new customer base.

3 Reasons To Rebrand Your Company

Rebranding can bring new life to your business. It can dramatically change the look and feel of your company. It can set you up for continued growth and success. Here are 3 reasons your company should consider rebranding.

Your Core Values & Your “Why” Have Changed

The “why” is the reason you get up in the morning, it is the reason you started your business, it is the core values of your company. Let’s face it, your company values can change. The reason you are in business can change. Your customer base can change.

When your “why” changes or maybe you finally figure out what your ‘why” is, your brand needs to change with it. Maybe your logo and color pallet are not in tune with your new customer base. Maybe the way your customer prefer to receive your marketing message has changed. Maybe your product offering has changed. Maybe the reason your company is in business has changed.

Whatever the reason your “why” has changed, your company branding needs to be tweaked to align with your “why” and your core values. Rebranding your company will do this.

Times Have Changed

In the past 10 years, things have changed. The internet has exploded, technology is making things easier to accomplish tasks, the customer preference has changed, and your company looks completely different.

10 years ago, your website might have been irrelevant, but today your website is the most valuable marketing asset you own. Your digital marketing efforts rely on your brand identity because this is how new customer are finding you.

If your company has changed in the last 10 years so has your brand. Rebranding your company will ensure that your company is aligned with the now, not the past.

Your Company Growth Has Stalled

Has your company growth stalled? Well, your brand might be the reason. There is a whole new wave of consumers hitting the market, the Millennial. Yes, that social media, blogging, internet addicted generation that is starting to look for your products and services.

Well, if your brand is Baby Boomer bound, you might not be relating with this new generation that is taking over the market. Thus, stalling your growth and your business.

A company rebranding will help you understand and communicate with this generation. Rebranding can help you find a new customer base that you did not even know existed.

Rebranding Conclusion

Here at The Darkly Agency, we believe that your brand should be part of your overall marketing plan. Thus, you should be looking at your brand on a yearly or even a monthly basis. You marketing plan and strategy can change at a moment’s notice, make sure your brand supports your execution. This will help you drive the results your company is looking for.

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