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What if we told you that in the next 20 minutes you could possess the key to success?

Recently, our cofounder Shireen Dooling sent me an email with a link to a TED video. “Another brilliant person on a stage talking about something fascinating” I thought, and decided to watch it later. Two months passed and one evening I was about to shut down for the night. I saw her email sitting there and decided to watch it just to get it off my back.

Normally I would not take the time to write a blog about it, because unfortunately the internet is too overloaded with great stuff like this – just like all TED and TEDx videos, it’s packed with insight and clever notions that get you inspired and fired up. But about 5 minutes into it I realized that this was anything but typical. Actually, it’s the most powerful video you’ll watch this month, and maybe even this year.

So do yourself a favor and watch this video. Don’t put it on a to-do list, don’t email it to yourself, and don’t make a voice memo to watch it later. I challenge you to put everything down and spend the next 18 minutes watching a video that is sure to change the course of your life and business forever. And don’t forget who told you so!

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