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My husband and I have always loved to build and make things together. We’ve had all sorts of entertaining projects, from kite build-offs to reupholstering old office chairs for our apartment. No matter what it is, we have gained an appreciation for what the other person is making and like to help each other out in whatever way we can. I believe that because we share this unique hobby together, we have built a stronger relationship.

There are also times that we choose to build separately, and often have different projects we are working on alone. Though we are not working directly together, we are able to help each other with fresh ideas, and provide a different perspective. This has frequently helped the other overcome obstacles that may be slowing progress.

There is a lot to be gained from creating and making as a couple, but the three main benefits are:


Starting a project together requires a lot of effective communication. Having an idea of how each of you are going to complete the project is a good place to start, however, this is where tension can begin to build. Throughout the task, some arguments might transpire, but it’s all part of the process. A small argument will make for a better project if you can learn to work through it in that moment. Take the time to express your ideas, and be open to listening to the input or suggestions that the other may have. Communication is important in any relationship, and this is a fun way to improve it.


Because it is very likely that you both have different ways of looking at things, building something together may require some compromise. There is always more than one way to get something done, so one of you might have to give in and agree to give the other person’s way a try. Often, you end up realizing that your way is not always the best way. This is also an essential building block to any relationship and helps you realize that it isn’t just your opinion anymore. You must compromise to improve both yourself and the relationship. And it actually feels good afterward.


Hands down, the best part of making together is the creativity. You have the opportunity to show the other person your ideas and the skills you have to complete the project. Each of you can bring a creative perspective to the project and come up with something awesome! Creativity also helps you see your partner in a different light, and truly appreciate their imagination.

Check out the links below for a few projects you can try with your significant other. I have no doubt that you will learn something about each other, and grow a deeper appreciation for one another by building together. Enjoy!


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