Tour de Tavern

The TourDeTavern is a giant group bicycle and pub on wheels, with four bikes and counting! Experience it for yourself by booking now at How do you create a brand that represents a giant group bicycle, where people peddle around Old Town Scottsdale while simultaneously sitting at a bar and drinking?  At Darkly, we managed to pull it off for TourDeTavern. The logo as a whole is reminiscent of a beer label, bringing the element of libations into it. The bottom half shows the core element of bicycle spokes to represent the bicycle aspect itself. The top half forms the shape of a conductor’s hat, mimicking the designated and safe TourDeTavern driver for their group (A trained TourDeTaven driver actually steers and brakes the bike while the group peddles). It also mimics the forward pointing motion of the bike to create a ‘bar on the go’ effect.


Daniel Stephens

What we did

Brand Identity / Graphic Design / Photography / Collateral / Branded Merchandise